Building Trends to Look for Before You Purchase

Buying a home can be one of the best investments a person can make. However, in order to maximize returns, it is critical to purchase a home in line with contemporary trends. From an innovative brick cladding system that adds a natural stone look to the exterior to high-functioning home offices to accommodate remote professionals, keep reading for some of the most desirable building trends to look for before you purchase a home.

Stone Exterior Accents
Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners have placed greater emphasis on creating stunning exterior spaces. While there are a number of exterior materials from which to choose, stone is one of the most rugged and versatile to use around a home's exterior. Stone can be used in a variety of ways to create functional exterior spaces and boost the curb appeal of a property. For example, stone can be used to create walkways, patios, retaining walls, and other types of exterior landscaping.

Another trending means of incorporating stone exterior accents is through the implementation of manufactured stone panels. They can be added to a home's cladding to provide some rugged texture and natural beauty. These panels provide all of the same aesthetics and durability of natural stone, but are much lighter and easier to work with.

Durable Flooring

When it comes to building trends, it's important to consider durability. Durable flooring options can provide a number of benefits to a home, such as longevity and ease of maintenance. 

Hardwood flooring is a durable material that has been used in homes for centuries. It's both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It can add value to a home through its long-lasting and timeless beauty.

Other durable flooring options include polished concrete and porcelain tile. Polished concrete is a versatile material that is great for high traffic areas of a home. It's durable, easy to clean, and doesn't require much maintenance. Porcelain tile is also a popular choice for homeowners looking for a rugged flooring option. It's made from clay and fired in a kiln at extremely high temperatures, making it incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Rooftop Decks

As land in urban areas has become increasingly scarce, homeowners have begun to leverage rooftops for more space. Rooftop decks are a relatively new concept for residential homes. They offer a stunning change of scenery for homeowners when hosting guests, effectively blending the interior/exterior spaces of the home.

That said, it's important to take into consideration the safety of the rooftop deck before purchasing a property. Check the condition of roof beams and be sure there is adequate b decking to provide shear support. It's also essential to include welded wire deck railing around the perimeter of the roof. This will ensure safety without inhibiting views.

In addition, it's important to install rooftop pavers to handle foot traffic and promote drainage. While the choice is usually between porcelain vs concrete pavers, composite pavers are likely the best choice. They are lighter, more affordable, and easier to maintain than either porcelain or concrete.

Functional Kitchen Features

When it comes to kitchens, homeowners often believe that the more features they include, the better. However, this is not always the case. While a kitchen may sell a home, getting too cute with a kitchen can actually hurt its value.

Instead of including features like a homemade ice cream maker or old-school soda fountain, look for features that improve the kitchen's functionality and durability. Rugged flooring, nonporous countertops, and energy efficient appliances are all great features to look for in a kitchen. These features offer direct benefit to the homeowner and will hold their value over time, as they are elements that appeal to virtually any type of prospective buyer.

Modern Windows

As technology has progressed, so has the architecture of our homes. One trend that has emerged is the addition of more windows. While this may seem like a minor change, it can actually have a significant impact on the home's energy efficiency and natural light.

However, adding windows does come with some risks. One risk is that the windows may not be structurally sound. This can be mitigated by building with aluminum window frames. Aluminum window frames are resistant to UV damage and can keep the windows secure in all weather conditions. Aluminum window frames are extremely resistant to warping or corrosion over time. This means that they will last longer and require less maintenance than other materials, such as wood or vinyl.

Home Offices

Home offices used to be an additional perk, but they are now an essential element of modern homes. With the rise of remote work, many people are looking for homes that have a dedicated space for their office.

There are a few key features to look for in a home office. First, make sure that the space is big enough to accommodate your needs. You'll also want to make sure that the office has good lighting and ventilation. Additionally, it's important to have plenty of outlets so that you can plug in all of your devices. Finally, be sure to consider the noise level in the office. If you're working from home, you don't want to be disturbed by loud noises from outside or other rooms in the house, so be on the lookout for acoustic wall panels and other sound-mitigating features in a home office.

Stay Ahead of the Trends Before Your Next Home Purchase

In order to get the most out of your real estate investment, it is crucial to stay ahead of the latest building trends to help your property stand out on the market. For more information on the trends taking shape in North Carolina, explore the resources at Magnolia Title Company for ideas and inspiration today!

Sam Willis is a freelance writer that loves sharing his knowledge and expertise in residential and commercial real estate, as well as engineering and construction. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he enjoys spending time with his wife and researching real estate trends in his free time. Sam’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource site.

Guest Article By: Sam Willis

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