A Guide to Upsizing Your Home to Start a Business

Often entrepreneurs start new businesses from their homes. The challenge is when you bought your house, you never thought that it would be the new location of your home business. Now, you have to find a new home for your business to grow. Here are some tips for upsizing your home so that you can start a new home business, courtesy of Magnolia Title Company.

Researching Homes and Neighborhoods

The first step is to research homes. Compile the requirements for your personal and business needs before you go house hunting. There are many questions to consider. Do you need to be close to public transportation for work? Do you need reliable high-speed internet? Which internet providers are available? 

Also, the neighborhood you choose is as important as the house itself. Research neighborhoods in your target area to make sure that they have the essential amenities for your daily life and for your business. Come up with your list, then compare the median sale prices before settling on the best option. There are many steps when you're buying a new home. Getting a professional to guide you through the process is essential, especially if you are new to home buying.

Creating a Home Office

When upsizing, you should consider finding a home that allows your business to grow so you won’t have to upsize in the future again. Does your home have space to accommodate a second workspace? Remember, it's often better to have separate working and living spaces to minimize disruptions while you are working. To identify a space for your home office, think about where you might have sufficient electrical outlets, enough space for furniture and equipment, and natural sunlight. 

Finalizing Your Company Structure 

You'll need to decide on the legal structure of your business. A limited liability company or LLC will save you paperwork and money. Consult your financial advisor if you are relocating from one state to another since regulations vary. By using a formation service or filing yourself, you can avoid fees when forming your LLC. A formation service will ensure everything is set up as it should be.

Marketing Through Social Media

You need to market your business so that people know what products and services you are offering. There are many ways to do this, including through social media marketing. On some platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, you can directly post targeted ads or paid promotions that will place your content in front of a large number of users. On other channels, such as Twitter or YouTube, you can engage in more organic forms of marketing by posting regular content updates and interacting with potential customers through comments or direct messages.

Utilizing infographics on your business's social media pages is a great way to create visual engagement with users. They prompt viewers to interact with your brand in a visually appealing way, while also simplifying important data points into easy-to-digest chunks. If you’re wondering how to affordably create customized infographics, here's a possible solution that allows you to choose a free template and then customize it to your needs.

Whatever route you choose, it's important to keep your target demographic in mind at all times and tailor your messaging accordingly.

Upsizing Your Home

Following these steps can guide you through the upsizing process so that you can start a home-based business. Research homes, design a home office, choose a business structure, and start marketing your business.

Megan Cooper loves nothing more than a satisfying, well-executed DIY project. She created the website reallifehome.net to share all of the helpful tips, advice, and resources she’s acquired and found most useful as she’s learned the ins and outs of DIY.

Guest Article By: Megan Cooper
Founder, RealLifeHome.net

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